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Day 25+ : Beyond The Challenge

As your 24 Day Trim (or Trim Plus) Challenge comes to a close (or for the "planners" who want to know what's next even before they begin day 1), keep in mind that the 24 Day Challenge is simply a launching pad to your goals. Remind yourself that living healthy is a lifestyle not a 24 day "event". On days 25 and beyond, you want to continue that lifestyle and keep using your AdvoCare products. For continued weight loss, weight management, and overall wellness, etc, most people choose to continue the Max Phase products and eating plan (Metabolic Nutrition System 3, Catalyst, Meal Replacement Shakes, Omegaplex, Spark). You may also choose to work with the person who introduced you to The Challenge and they'll help customize a program specifically for you and your goals. Also, give the Lean in 13 program a try!

This can also be a great time to make a change to another Metabolic Nutrition System (MNS). We recommend that everyone begins with MNS 3, but as the 24 days comes closer to end, you can reevaluate:

  • Want more energy? Try MNS E
  • Want more appetite control? Try MNS C

The minimum for overall Wellness is the Wellness Challenge. Some people combine the Active Challenge products with the Wellness Challenge for continued overall nutrition, weight loss/weight management and energy.

The bottom line is that there are five different product families at AdvoCare with a variety of products within each one. There is a product or product regimen that will best suit you, and our goal is to help you find it!

We are so proud of you for choosing to take responsibility for your better health and wellness. At AdvoCare, we understand clearly that we'll either pay now or pay later. So we want to encourage you to "pay now", invest in yourself and your health for your life time and we believe not only be the healthiest you can be, but you'll have great quality of life as well.

Thank you for choosing AdvoCare!

Lean in 13

Looking to increase your metabolism, and tone up? Learn more about the Lean in 13 program.

Lean in 13