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Glenda Hendrickson

Glenda HendricksonGlenda Hendrickson

Seven-and-a-half years ago, I was in a size 12 when I first started using AdvoCare products. In two weeks, I dropped 10 pounds and within the first year I was in a size 8. I was very impressed with the results I was experiencing.   I continued to use the products consistently to help maintain my weight. By March 2005, due to my age and some hormonal changes, it became more challenging to maintain my results, and I crept back to a size 10.

This plateau was somewhat discouraging to me, so I began to work out faithfully and watch my diet. In addition, I started taking one ThermoPlus capsule with each MNS Max Appetite Control gold packet and was really impressed with the increased level of energy I had. It also helped me get back on track with my weight management. In the picture you see here, I’m wearing a size 10 pair of pants that fit me perfectly in January 2005. As you can see, these pants are too big for me today. In fact, I’m now in a size 6 at age 54.

What’s exciting is that I have never been this small in my  adult life. Thanks in large part to using ThermoPlus with MNS Maximum Appetite Control, I am now 15 pounds lighter and three dress sizes smaller. Thank you, AdvoCare!