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Choose Your Relationship

1. Retail Customer

Purchase your AdvoCare products from the AdvoCare Distributor you're working with at Retail Value.

2. Preferred Customer


3. Fund Your 4G Network (Distributor at 20% - 40% Discount)

We often refer to this Distributor Option as "Funding Your 4G Network". AdvoCare is only available through Independent Distributors. Many people become Distributors and share AdvoCare when it's convenient for them. Get to the 40% discount and fund your own 4G Network - Gas, Groceries, Games and Gifts. Would some extra money in your budget help you breathe a little easier?


4. Advisor at 40% "Business Builder"

AdvoCare Business Builders not only purchase their products at the highest discount (40%) but also have a desire to build significant residual income, many earning a full-time income on a part-time basis.

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