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Well Challenge

The Well Challenge features several of AdvoCare's carefully formulated nutritional products available in individual bottles or now in the AdvoCare® Core 3 convenient, daily strip pack. The AdvoCare® Core box not only includes all of the recommended wellness products but also provides a comprehensive nutrition system.



  • Supplies a synergistic blend of 36 vitamins, minerals and nutrients for optimal health*
  • Promotes a healthy immune system*
  • Provides a comprehensive range of B-vitamins
  • Contains chelated amino acid-bound minerals for better absorption
  • Supports healthy bones, muscles and connective tissues*
  • Take it with OmegaPlex® for additional vascular, nervous system and skin benefits*



  • Supplies 1,000 mg of omega-3 fatty acids per serving
  • Contains both EPA and DHA fatty acids
  • Plays an important role in the transportation of nutrients*
  • Helps support normal blood flow and healthy blood pressure*
  • Promotes cardiovascular health in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise*
  • Helps promote healthy metabolism*
  • Helps maintain a healthy immune system*
  • Promotes maintenance of healthy skin, hair and nails*

Price: $63.45(Coreplex $41.50 + Omegaplex $21.95)

Note: The Well Challenge provides 180 Coreplex Tablets (3 tablets per day) and 90 Omegaplex (serving 2-4 gel caps per day).

Well Plus Challenge - AdvoCare® Core

COREThe Well Plus Challenge is a Comprehensive Wellness System that's conveniently packaged in an easy-to-use day strip. It includes the components of the Well Challenge (Coreplex and Omegaplex) PLUS BioTune, Calcium Plus, Joint ProMotion, and CardioQ. This is the Max for your Money when looking at your cost per day.*

2 - 14 Day Supply Boxes (28 days)

Retail Cost $50.95 per box/101.90 for 28 day supply ---- $3.64 per day*
Member Price $81.52
Advisor Price $61.14
plus tax and shipping

Key Benefits:

  • Provides advanced core nutrition to support overall wellness*
  • Promotes internal balance and healthy aging*
  • Helps protect and lubricate joints*

Each Strip Contains:

  • BioTune®(2)+ Calcium Plus (2)
  • Joint ProMotion™ (3) + CardioQ (1)
  • CorePlex®(3)
  • OmegaPlex®(2)


For ages 18 & Older.
Take the contents of 1 strip (4 packets) with food. Strip may be consumed at once or spread throughout the day.

You'll look, feel and know the difference in 24 days. Please note that the products recommended in this challenge will exceed a 24 day supply. Please note that the servings and/or quantity per product is listed on the container. In addition, see recommended serving size on each container.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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