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Lean in 13


Lean in 13This is a 13-day PROVEN program that will cause you to burn stubborn body fat and, more importantly, increase your metabolism from that point forward. This is a program AdvoCare distributors have been using to help themselves and their clients get the fastest results possible, while increasing overall health at the same time. The cost of the program is simply the cost of your supplements. The eating plan and coaching is FREE!

The supplements are the foundation of the program, providing you with the nutrients you need for optimal health, increased energy, fat burning, and craving control. For instance, did you know that low vitamin B levels have been shown to cause sugar cravings? Did you know that fatigue causes “false” hunger? Do you know how much protein it takes in the morning to most effectively burn fat during the remainder of the day? Do you know which one of our products used as an afternoon snack can burn even more body fat during the rest of the day? And there is so much more than this...

Lean in 13The eating plan was designed by a registered dietitian and elite personal trainer. They incorporate a “zig zag” method of eating. What does that mean? You’ll find out during the program - and you’ll be surprised to find out that your body needs MORE calories on certain days to avoid a plateau. We don’t want you to diet. Aren’t you tired of that already? The eating plan itself is extremely simple for the on-the-go person who doesn’t have time for complicated recipes. In fact,the overwhelming response we get from our clients is, “Wow! Can I do that again?”

Save these forms to your computer, then print them for your Lean in 13 group or for your own use.